News and Previews

Here can be found postings about special events and offerings that may pertain to some or all of the business units within Argonauticus (“The Argonaut Group”), with interest to both existing clients and potential clients. Specific detailed information will be provided directly through chosen media channels for communication. This modest selection of images is presented as an introduction to some of the ways in which we can serve You in the most satisfying manner. First, we believe that every seasons can be a Holiday and a time for Rejuvenation, Vitality, Pleasure and Satisfaction. We keep this set of images here wish for you, Reader, to enjoy and to smile and laugh, ands we wish everyone to have Happy, Healthy, Gainful Holidays – all year long!

Happy Holidays, every day and evening!
Among our group of outstanding locations available for lease with provisions, for special organized and managed events including both business and personal, both public and private. There are many places for which we can create the ideal one-of-a-kind Experience for you and your friends, guests, and clients, ands we are happy to discuss all intentions and desires.
This map illustrates several locations around the world where we have conducted either direct onsite explorations or which are centers of our prior or current investigations. These indicate locations with respect to artifacts, documents, objects d’art, and other pertinent matters in which we have been active as investigators or as collaborators with other specialists and teams.
We have conducted a special study for one client, focusing upon the Sintashta-Arkhaim Culture of western and central Eurasia, which included the production of a private-edition graphic novel depicting personal life and adventure within this ancient civilization.
Laughter and joy are rejuvenating and make Life a beautiful and vibrant experience. Let us discover and renew ways in Life to be vital, energetic, free-thinking, full of spirit, and to cultivate such living in our next generations whom we inspire and guide.
Among our outstanding facilities available for lease with provisions are unique sailing ships capable for taking small groups on unique, intimate, exciting voyages of exploration and discovery
Among our repertoire of outstanding private locations available for lease with provisions including hosting of special artistic events. Our repertoire of available private and discrete locations is unparalleled in style and aesthetic qualities and spans all continents.
Living Art Performance – in the style of Lascaux and Altamira and many more. Such art performances can be arranged as part of a special event for clients.
We have produced, for a client Special Experience, an elegant real+virtual environment, based upon the Minoan Culture of the 2nd Millennium BCE.
We have conducted work for clients that extends to studies, validations, and acquisitions of rare, valuable, and culturally significant Original-Peoples’ arts and crafts extending to the earliest eras of human history, including (as shown by this image) the rare traditional dream painting works of Ancient Native Australians.
As an example of creative reproductions of ancient art – with firm, clear and permanent authentication of being a Reproduction – these Mesoamerican pieces are virtually indistinguishable in style and material of fabrication from original creations of many centuries ago. We work with master artists and craftpersons who understand the materials ands fabrication processes employed by their forebearers in past centuries and millennia.
Another location among outstanding and exceptionally private residences available for lease with provisions through our services.

We can create an Environment in virtually any medium or at any location that will bring the Ancient and Primal Rejuvenating Spirit and Energy to you and those with whom you wish to share the Experience.
There are no boundaries to the imagination and what you can create and enjoy to your fullest once you decide to allow yourself to be Free.

Inquire and learn about Eleusia. This is a place of discovery, exploration, rejuvenation and satisfaction of senses, minds and bodies for people who dare to be free and to experience εκσταση