The mission of Argonauticus is to provide precision-tailored, individualized expert services to people and organizations that aspire to an elegant and civilized life which enables aesthetic enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction in the arts, fashion, and personal experiences, particularly in areas involving rare, distinct, one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable fine arts and crafts.

Established in 2001 as a partnership by Prof. Martin Dudziak and associates, bringing together their personal and professional backgrounds in the arts, sciences, medicine, media, and governance within both the private and public sectors, Argonauticus is a provider of a unique integration of services not found elsewhere in today’s world. Argonauticus operates in the historically-preserved honorable tradition of the Guilds and Master Crafts that have been in existence for centuries. We are proud to serve in the same line of skills and professionalism. Our focus brings together for our clientele aesthetics and beauty, scientific accuracy, economic pragmatism, and refined pathways leading to satisfaction for many tastes and lifestyles. We are diligent in maintaining the quality and discretion of centuries-old traditions in our work for the comfort and satisfaction of our clients and their beneficiaries in future generations.

We consider and take on projects in which we are certain of our abilities to deliver outstanding and truly beyond-simply-satisfactory results. We have deep personal commitments to the fields in which we work. We take personal pride and pleasure in sharing what we know and can do, for the benefit and pleasure of our clients. The intelligent and creative integration of ancient culture, history, art and wisdom is valuable and important for our contemporary society and our future, and also for legacy value to future generations. We adhere to sound principles of ethics in all aspects of our work and we pride ourselves in our openness to new ideas, perspectives and practices in all aspects of life.

Our interests and availability of time govern our selection of the contractual engagements that we can consider and accept. Should we begin work on any project for you, we will complete it to your satisfaction. All interactions are on a personalized basis beginning with introductions and review of client interests and needs. We work with clients in all parts of our world. We have our areas of focus and special attention; however, we will consider variations and differences that enable us, with you, to explore and to create more and new for our mutual satisfaction. For further information contact us by email or phone.