We provide specialized private services:

§  ArkheIntel – Consultations

Investigation — Evaluation — Negotiation — Resolution:
Precision expertise directed to challenging scientific, forensic and legal problems with specialization in the domain of fine arts and antiquities.  Services include cyber-intel investigations and  application of advanced synthetic intelligence and informatics (“ArkheIntel”) to matters concerning search, authentication, acquisition, recovery, restoration, reproduction and all matters pertinent to objects d’art, manuscripts, and related materials of interest.

§  Athenaeum – Antiquities

Ancient and Medieval Period Art and Manuscripts: Provisioning, requisitioning, and brokerage services for clients in the sale or purchase of select genre works of art including paintings, engravings, sculptures, books and manuscripts.  Focus is principally upon ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and  Mediterranean cultures and medieval Europe; other regions and eras will be considered.

§  Golden Fleece – Fashions

Personalized Fashion, Apparel and Interior Design: Personalized consultation services for clients with interests in unique aesthetic tastes ands desires for personal/home/business creations which integrate ancient and modern motifs.  Focus is upon personal apparel, jewelry and interior  furnishings.

§  Argo – Experiences

Events, Expeditions, and Adventures: Consultation and design services, including planning, orchestration and hosting of extraordinary personalized Experiences.  These may be in public or private locations, in homes or special locations, on land or at sea, serving individual and group clientele.  Special attention is given to satisfying the desires of all client lifestyles and preferences, providing creative and pleasurable experiences in places with unique locations, histories, and cultures.

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All services private, discrete, confidential.

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