We provide specialized discrete services:

§  Argonauticus Consultations

Investigation — Evaluation — Negotiation — Resolution
Precision expertise directed to challenging scientific, forensic and legal problems with specialization in ancient arts and antiquities.  Services include cyber-intel investigations and  application of advanced synthetic intelligence and informatics (“ArkheIntel”).

§  Argonautica Antiquities

Ancient and Medieval Period Art and Manuscripts – expert services in sourcing, exploration, recovery, validation, restoration and authenticated reproduction.

§  Golden Fleece

Personalized Fashion, Apparel and Interior Design – personalized consultation services for clients with interests in unique integration of ancient and modern motifs.

§  Argo Expeditions

Extraordinary Travel and Event Experiences – design, planning, and orchestration for individual and group clientele, with attention to unique locations, histories, and cultures.

By application only.  All services private and confidential.

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